June 27, 2020

I have been putting this off long enough, but I plan to call the Holiday Inn Express at Village West, Kansas City, KS, and cancel our reunion due to the pandemic.  Tonight’s news says all 50 states are now open to some extent with limited businesses and limited capacities.  Iowa will have pretty much everything open (or able to open) as of June 1 at 50% capacity.  Most businesses are slow to open in an effort to meet restrictions and keep employees and patrons safe.  Restaurants will have limits and our group would exceed that limit.  The group size limit in Kansas now is 15 people.


I am very uncomfortable traveling right now.  I do a weekly trip to the grocery store and Dollar General.  We did a trip to Menards last week for a list of items we have been collecting for two months.  Menards requires face masks, but I am sad to say not every business requires them.  As much as I have been looking forward to seeing everyone, I just do not see the point in a gathering before COVID-19 is under more control.


I do have the photo albums, but it looks like the last year posted is 2010.  I will volunteer to work on the albums and bring them up to date with your help.  I’ll take any Reunion information, pictures, stories, whatever you have from 2012 in Arizona, 2014 in Fort Worth, 2016 in Wahoo and 2018 in Rochester.  I will also need funeral bulletins from all those that have passed since 2011.  The album has funeral information for Aunt Verduna and Barbara Eichhorst.


Then we will put the Reunion on hold until we decide whether it is possible in 2021 or if we want to keep it in even years for 2022.


Again, I was so looking forward to seeing everyone, but I just want us all to be safe.  I’m in the “elderly group” but fortunately do not have any health issues that I am aware of.  I definitely do not want to put anyone in harm’s way!


Love you all!  Stay safe!



614 – 18th Street Place

Nevada, IA  50201